Meet Our Team

Tim Jarvis


Managing Director

Tim's background in sports marketing and belief in online video was the catalyst for SeeThat's birth in 2010.

Tim now leads the strategic direction of SeeThat as we continue to grow by creating standout moments.

seethat jason


Head of Production

Hailing from the Natal Midlands in KwaZulu Natal, our South African brings a can do attitude and a love for cameras and lighting.

He heads up our Production Team. Always encouraging them to strive for more and hone their craft.

seethat sam widdows


Creative Director

Constantly creating! Whether it's fresh lines on a snowboard, big hacks on a surfboard or swooshy noises in the boardroom.

Sam is driven by the opportunity to create everyday for an industry that is changing everyday!

seethat ben richardson


Content Director

Ben loves movie posters, sharp pencils and odd numbers. He remains hell bent on starting a theme park from cloned dinosaur DNA.

Classically trained as an actor, Ben leads our producers with unrivalled industry experience across a wide range of creative roles.

seethat jimmy


Content Producer & Creator

With a First Class Honours (BA) in TV and Film Production, you'd be just as likely to find Jimmy flying around on set as you would in the SeeThat office.

Once cut down the mightiest tree in the forest with nothing but a herring.

seethat kerry


Content Producer

No production office can run smoothly without a redheaded woman. With a background in all things logistic, Kerry co-ordinates crews here there and everywhere.

Outside of work Kerry can be found enjoying local gin and playing with puppy dogs.

seethat ellie


Partnerships Executive

Ellie turns up with energy and creativity. She is always building new relationships, both inside out outside of working hours!

Company and personal growth are top priorities for Ellie, her ideas and strategies show she has big goals to achieve.



Content Strategist

Shanae is a qualified journalist and is most happy when being creative. Her knack for writing and marketing experience are the roots of her role as our content superstar.

She once covered a Pagan Harvest Ceremony for the local Heart radio station.

seethat sam cordell


Senior Content Creator

It is a period of civil war. Rebel spaceships, striking from a hidden base, have won their first victory against the evil Galactic Empire.

During the battle, Sam used his filmmaking skills to secure a job at a company that would let him put Star Wars references in his bio.

seethat chloe


Video Editor

Chloe is a passionate & enthusiastic editor who beautifully crafts video and sound in order to bring stories to life.

With years of industry experience, she ensures every project is delivered to the highest of standards.

seethat ben


Creative Content Designer

Likes crazy things, does crazy things. Experimental, over-ambitious. Plays loud, scary music in bars. Dreamer and a screamer.

Specialises in unique and atmospheric motion graphics, edits and sound designs. An all-rounder responsible for our wilder works.



Apprentice Content Producer

Having previous agency experience as an Assistant Producer, Josh brings dedication and effort to every project.

A Geordie lad at heart, he loves to socialise and boost his connections online and off.



Apprentice Content Creator

Joe is the youngest member of our team and loves creating video, at work and in his spare time.

He loves to travel and capture new experiences in artistic ways. With a background in television, he found a path into filmmaking and forwards into SeeThat.

Our Core Values

Here at SeeThat we live by nine core values, check them out in our lovingly animated videos below.