Superdrug is the UK’s second-largest health and beauty retailer and boasts a collective social media following of over 1 million, spanning across YouTube, Instagram, Facebook and Twitter.

Superdrug’s appointed digital publishing agency, The River Group, commissioned SeeThat to put a fresh spin on the brand’s regular online video content in an endeavour to grow its YouTube subscriber base. The challenge was to create agile beauty content that cuts through the fog of an overwhelmingly populated marketplace while strengthening the high street brand’s tone of voice.

A seamless way to engage and connect with viewers

As the home of video tutorials and the birthplace of beauty vloggers—whose subscribers are akin to Superdrug’s primarily female target demographic—YouTube lends itself as the ideal platform for Superdrug to host a regular stream of video content to the Superdrug Loves community.

At first glance, the Superdrug Loves YouTube channel pops out at us from the screen, emulating the bold colours and sparkle that embodies the Superdrug brand. The channel boasts a diverse mix of content, ranging from hair and makeup tutorials inspired by current trends and celeb looks, to beauty hacks and fitness tips. Superdrug’s tutorial-based content creates a seamless way for the brand to engage and connect with its audience whilst still promoting its beauty products.

Developing Superdrug’s iconic online video presence

The creative steering this content series is a simple yet bold and bright direction. A style that allows the character of our beauty vloggers or presenter to shine through in an accessible fashion, synonymous with the high street brand. This accessibility to the editorial content is a key parameter, with warm and friendly presenters, uncomplicated tutorials, coupled with the uncluttered and vibrant visuals making for an enjoyable and lighthearted watch. The repetition of the art direction through this diarised hub content serves to strengthen brand awareness as the content series continues, developing an iconic Superdrug look and feel to their online video presence.

A top source for celeb-inspired looks

From showing viewers how to create a Kendall Jenner Met Gala inspired wet hair look, to replicating key beauty trends from this year’s Glastonbury Festival, Superdrug’s well-timed knack for aligning its video content with popular events puts the brand ahead of its competitors.

Superdrug’s video content successfully competes with the major pool of beauty content on YouTube, with a number of its videos showing either top or first page in search results for certain beauty looks and tips. A YouTube search for ‘kendall jenner wet hair look’ or ‘selena gomez hot pink eye’ brings up Superdrug’s tutorials as the top result.