Being in the public eye, exposed to money, endless possibilities and scrutiny is a struggle for many British cricketers, and dealing with the demands and expectations of their careers often sends their lives into upheaval.

That’s where the Professional Cricketers’ Association (PCA) comes in, offering support and guidance to former and current cricketers in England and Wales throughout and beyond their cricketing careers.

Connecting with viewers beyond the cricketing niche

The PCA wanted to create video content that would showcase its role in shaping the British cricketing community while also connecting with viewers inside and outside of its cricketing niche. From interviews with famous cricketing figures like Freddie Flintoff, to an inside look at fundraising events such as its Long Room Dinner, the PCA’s video content strikes an effective balance between engaging viewers and demonstrating the foundations and purpose of its work.

Creating a new visual identity for the PCA

As its primary video content provider, we’ve worked with the PCA to create a new visual identity for its video content, helping to define a style and tone of voice to underpin the relevant subjects and imagery. Access to star names in cricket remains a potent weapon in the PCA’s communication arsenal and the chance to extend the game beyond the playing field is exciting for fans. We’ve been able to tailor long form pieces that inform current players but can also be condensed to a minimal form, providing unique insights into the wider scope of the PCA and the cricketers they represent.

To help drive a tonal shift in the perception of PCA video output, both from their members and the public, we worked to shape their messaging into Hub and Hygiene video content, moving from a formal and reserved style to a more engaging and dynamic offering. Our focus was to help attract the attention of a younger audience and enhance wider commercial opportunities, plugging into a BuzzFeed style designed to make individual video pieces instantly accessible. The availability of exclusive player and event content, packaged within a bold and vibrant framework, delivers a distinctive view that works in varying forms across a wide spectrum of social channels.

Turning lives around with the PCA Benevolent Fund

The PCA Benevolent Fund sits at the heart of its dedication to helping past and present players during times of hardship. In some cases, it has been the difference between life and death, which puts emphasis on the charity’s objective to raise awareness of the fund and appeal to donors.

Evoking an emotional reaction is vital to creating Hero video content that viewers will remember, whether by tugging at their heart strings or connecting with them on a personal level. In our Hero video for the Benevolent Fund, seven past & present cricketers tell their stories of how the fund turned their lives around and of the support they received from the PCA. This raw, powerful storytelling helped the PCA achieve its goal in publicising the fund’s life-changing impact and generating donations.

Achieving memorable presence in the media

The stories were atomised into standalone pieces of Hub video content and were published across the PCA’s online channels. The Hero video gained 117,000 views on Facebook alone, a 1480x increase from last year’s edition.

The video also received notable coverage in the media, both in the press and on broadcast television. The Telegraph published a full-page spread and online article on the Benevolent Fund and the video also aired Live on Sky Sports.