Digital Awareness UK (DAUK) is dedicated to promoting online safety and encouraging young people to use technology responsibly.

As a generation, we’re obsessed with technology, from sleeping with our phones under our pillows, to engaging with friends via social media when they’re sitting right next us. Digital Awareness aims to help us combat our digital bad habits. Its Tech Control campaign in partnership with the HMC provides a resolution for managing and taking control of our relationship with tech.

Tech-savvy Digital Sisters—founders of DAUK—approached us to create a strong, narrative-driven educational film to demonstrate our growing attachment to technology that would act as a main driver for the campaign. The video needed to connect with modern teens and adults whose lives are heavily shaped by and around technology and provoke a change in attitudes towards tech consumption.

Taking inspiration from the film, Groundhog Day, we created a visually exciting story that emphasises the pitfalls of tech addiction. Our story follows a teenage girl through a typical day: a buzzing alarm clock, breakfast with family and lunch at school with friends, accentuating the repetition of tech-related bad habits through a series of fast-cut, recurrent scenes.

Come September, the Tech Control video will be used as part of classroom resources across the UK to encourage young people to use digital gadgets responsibly.

Already, the video has received various media coverage, branded ‘groundbreaking’ by the Daily Mail and featured by The Times.

“We gave SeeThat a challenging brief that required a tight turnaround and they exceeded our expectations”, says Emma Robertson, co-founder of DAUK.

“The team were incredibly knowledgeable and passionate about working on this project. As a result, we’ve ended up with a video that looks professional and most importantly conveys a strong message about digital addiction.”